Cotton is grown all over the world. High quality cotton yarn is spun up of long staple fibres. This is vital in producing good quality yarn and from this you can produce good quality cotton. Egyptian cotton is made from long staple fibres as is cotton from other countries. The Egyptian cotton producers have spent many years and large amounts of money promoting the "Egyptian Cotton" Brand. This is why it has become synonymous with high quality.

Interestingly, the top five cotton producing countries in the world are China, USA, India, Pakistan and Brazil in that order. China produces approx 25.5 Million Bales per year (6,000tonnes); Egypt in comparison produces just 1 Million Bales. These figures considered it is impossible for there to be so much authentic Egyptian cotton on sale as there is. The actual truth is that most of the cotton based products, for example bed linen, coming out of Egypt are made from imported cotton from India and Pakistan.