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Re-create a 5 Star Hotel Sleep Experience at Home.

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One of best things about staying in a top hotel is often the overall sleep experience. 5 Star hotels concentrate a lot of their annual budget on the sleep experience they offer because really, above all else, this is what guests are paying for. A night’s sleep, away from home. 

We are going to split this experience into its important parts.

The Mattress – This is vitally important and of course hugely subjective. Some people like hard mattresses and others prefer them soft. Hotels tend to opt for a “medium” option to try and suit as many people as possible. A good mattress will always be over £2,000 as they will not be made from synthetic materials which don’t allow the air to circulate. Top hotels will generally use a pocket sprung mattress and a brand like Sealy is very commonly seen.

Pillows & Duvets - Again hugely subjective but as with a mattress the more natural filling the more breathable and usually the more comfortable. Our Savoy pillow is filled with 70% Duck Feather all contained in a sealed pocket in the middle of the pillow then 30% Duck Down surrounding that pocket. This would be the choice of many top hotels along with an option of micro-fibre for people with allergies to feathers. A naturally filled pillow should always be costing over £40. As for duvets, hotels will again go for 70/30 Feather/Down option which offers warmth and yet not too heavy. There are some hotels that do use a 100% duck down duvet. It all depends on budget and what they can charge per night.

Bed Linen – Top hotels will always use 100% Cotton and always use only white. As for thread-count, this can range from 200-400. We generally supply 300 or 400TC to our top hotel customers around the world. A bed sheet in a hotel with a high occupancy level can be washed up to, and over 180 times a year. To make sure bed linen achieves these numbers of wash cycles without falling to pieces it is vital the correct cotton yarn is used and also the sheet is woven and finished correctly to offer the best durability combined with that luxury “buttery soft” feeling.

Environment – Lastly but also incredibly important is the sleep environment. Not too hot and not too cold. A good air flow is also important for a good night’s sleep.

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